Less and less payment arrears on mortgage loan

There are fewer and fewer Dutch people with a payment arrears on their mortgage. In the past twelve months, the number of Dutch people with long-term payment arrears on the mortgage has fallen by 12 percent. The Mortgage Barometer of Stichting BKR recently appeared. This provides insight into the trends and developments of payment arrears on Dutch mortgage contracts. According to the barometer, the Netherlands had almost 86,000 people with long-term arrears on their mortgage as of 1 April 2018. The year before, there were still 98,000.

Since 2015

That is a big difference with three years ago. In July 2015, the payment problems on the mortgage reached a low point. At that time, more than 113,000 Dutch people were in trouble. Stichting BKR considers the decline of 12 percent, compared to 2017, to be substantial. The end of the economic crisis and the reduced unemployment of recent years have contributed to this good development.



Government measures

The decline in the number of people with a payment arrears on the mortgage will continue according to the BKR. Various measures, which the government takes, have an influence on this. For example, as a buyer you still can not borrow more than the house value. In addition, it becomes less attractive to take a high mortgage when the mortgage interest deduction is reduced (accelerated).

When payment problem?

You speak of a payment problem on the mortgage when you are more than three months behind paying your mortgage. When you have paid everything again, the backlog is restored. a payment arrears naturally do not arise. You may not be able to raise the mortgage amount because it is too high because of the interest. Fortunately, you can lower this interest by transferring your mortgage through an independent mortgage adviser in your area. We are happy to put you in touch.


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