Many people seek emergency dental services only when in deep pain. However, what they fail to know is that there are other dental conditions that necessitate such services. Knowing such conditions will go a long way in ensuring you seek prompt dental treatment from this emergency dentist near me. Consequently, this improves dental health, which prevents incidences of dental emergencies. Below are some tooth complications that call for dental emergency services.


Toothaches are among the most painful and traumatizing experiences one can ever think off. They may be caused by bacterial infections commonly referred to as dental carries or swollen gums. As such, if you have frequent and acute toothaches then know it is time to have an emergency dental care. It is also key to note that with such symptoms, painkillers only give relief for a moment, but this does not imply that you are free from the cause of pain.

Broken tooth

Whether you are having a completely broken tooth or just a partially broken tooth, you need to seek dental help. This will save you from excessive bleeding or susceptibility to other dental ailments. If this happens while at home, rinse your mouth and apply a gauze. This first aid tip is also meant to minimize bleeding. Lastly, but most important, visit your dentist as soon as possible for sealing the broken tooth.

Lost crowns or fillings

In case such happens to you, the first thing to do is to try fixing some sugarless gum on that spot before visiting your dentist. This will help reduce the pain. If you are in a position of fixing the crown, you should follow a few basics. One, apply toothpaste, and adhesive next to the joint. Secondly, to avoid infections and pain apply clove using a piece of cotton. After doing all this, you should pay your dentist a visit soon.

Exposed nerve

AsdcaZDSDXasWith an exposed nerve, you even do not need to be told it is time for dental emergency services. The experience of breathing or even sipping a drink can be painful. Certainly, this is not what you would wish to have. To alleviate the pain, seek emergency dental care without hesitations. For temporary relief, you can chew sugarless gum and consequently use it to cover the exposed nerve.

The above dental problems should not worry you, as emergency dental services are there to offer you best solutions. However, before you seek these services, look at the experience, availability, certification, and hygienic standards of the dentist of choice.

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