An allergen is a foreign substance that influences the body’s behavior. Allergies are common. From statistics, about 20 percent of people globally have allergy related issues.

Symptoms and causes of allergies

Common Allergy symptom and signs are sneezing, itching, hivhjkfleskflfes, eczema, swelling and skin redness.About 6 percent of people globally have a food allergy. They typically occur when such harmless substance is mistaken for a pathogen by the immune system. Common allergens include dust,
pollen, and certain foods.

The antibody responsible for allergies is known as IgE immunoglobulin. This antibody is developed by the bodies ten days after exposure to allergens. It takes repeated exposure to develop an allergy when the body is exposed to an allergen.Other causes of allergies are metals and other chemical substances.

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis of allergy is therefore based on the medical history of an individual. In some instances, blood and skin test help in the diagnosis of different types of allergies. It is protective when our bodies are exposed early to certain allergies.

Avoidance of the common types of allergens and taking medications such as antihistamines are the standard treatments for allergies. Injectable adrenaline is highly recommended in severe cases.

Allergen immunotherapy

This refers to the exposure of your body to larger amounts of common allergens such as fever and insects bites. Exposure makes our bodies develop the required antibodies thus boosting the immune system
Methods for controlling allergies.

Saline rinse

Rinsing of the nose with saline when experiencing allergy symptoms helps in washing away any pollen that may trigger your allergy. Salty water is known as saline. It is a good temporary remedy for common allergy.

Fish oil supplements

Regular taking of fish oil supplements is proven to prevent allergic asthma. This asthma occurs when our bodies are exposed to substances they are exposed to. Also, oil supplements being nutritious boosts the bodies immunity.

SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy)

It is a natural allergy treatment taken under the tongue (sublingually). SLIT helps the bodies to detect allergens, thus stopping the bodies adverse reaction to such substances. Naturopathic doctors provide this treatment.


fefefeeferwewerwqeButterbur is a natural herb that that helps to improve pollen related allergies. It is also known to alleviate headaches. Research has also proven it to be very efficient for nasal symptoms. Butterbur is commonly used as an alternative to antihistamines.


This is used for relieving hay fever. Acupuncture has a high ability for curbing inflammatory substances thus improving your immune system.