Drug refers to any substance taken that affects the body’s behavior. Substancegkjbvkbkl abuse refers to the addition to drugs that alters the body’s performance. This practice has continued to affect different societies around the world.

It has an adverse effect on social, physical and mental damage. Drug abuse can also lead to penalties, criminal liability, and even death. Major problems associated with drug abuse are physical and psychological dependence, suicide, accidents, unprotected sex, loss of relationships, and violence.

The effects of drug abuse can either be short term or long term. Substance abuse also affects the brain and other organ systems. The commonly abused drugs are cigarettes, alcohol, and other hard drugs like cocaine.

Common signs of drug abuse include:

Physical abuse This is indicated by emotional, verbally, or physically abusive language and signs. Physical abuse is a clear signal of substance addiction.


Most people engaging in drug addiction try to evade major routine questions. Secretiveness could be a sign of engaging in this vice.


Persistent lying is recognized among teens when they start engaging in drug abuse.

Different friends

Most people lose and start making new friends regularly. Parents should be careful when their children change their friends in a short time as this could be a sign of drug abuse.

Disrespect and lack of activities are also a common sign of drug addiction.

Major causes of drug abuse include;

Biological factors

Some of the bodily or biological factors associated with drug addiction are family history, biochemical reactions in the body and already existing psychological or medical problem.


Easy availability of drugs like alcohol has caused many people to turn to them. The commonly available drugs are often abused. People find it difficult to use drugs out of their reach.

Peer pressure

Most ihgoihoihpeople develop this vice due to the influence they get from friends. One needs to deal effectively with peer pressure to overcome this problem. Finding the right groups to associate with can help one in dealing with this pressure.Proper counseling and self-awareness among youths also play a critical role in dealing with peer pressure. Good time management is imperative when dealing with peers as it reduces idleness.

Internal pressure

Low self-esteem causes this. The feeling of failure, when faced with significant life challenges, causes internal conflict and dissatisfaction in individuals. People end up taking drugs as an alternative to seeking ‘comfort’ when faced with challenges.

Failure is part of life, and people should find positive solutions to the existing problems other than engaging in drug abuse. Proper stress management can also control the pressure.